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Prototyping Engineer

& Design Specialist at Philip Morris, Switzerland
How would I sum up a day in the life? Let me try to break it down into four sections:


Project Management & Specifications


3D Rendering
& 3D Printing




Design & Publishing

Project Management

A quick rundown of the main key points:
- Coordinating Projects from A to Z;
- Project & Resource Planning;
- Development of Digital-Printing line;
- Cost calculation for commercial production;
- Process Optimization & KPI reporting;
- Product lifecycle management.
If SAP & Excel would be languages,... I would be a native speaker ;)

3D Rendering & 3D Printing

Ideas look good on paper, but even better when presented with a photoreal 3D rendering.
What is the next evolution from there?... the haptic experience of materialising an idea using 3D printing of course :)
The time has come to say good-bye to, let's be honest, boring PowerPoint presentations and transform ideas into a physical form.


What makes a product stand out? What feature gives it it's USP? Are there any machinability constraints?
These questions and many more are iterated in the development of 2D Technial Drawings, applying Design Thinking to overcome technical challanges.
Prototypes are iterrated and colors are developed with the help of Roland printers & the Oris System. One word sums it all up... Esko.
Items which can always be fround around my desk:
magnifying loupe, pencils, rulers,  and the most important tool of all... the caliper.

Design & Publishing

Though the smallest part of my daily business, I am an expert in the world of publishing.
Mastering printing requirements from the simplest flyer to the most complex booklets.
Logos, posters, corporate-identities,... I master them bofore my first coffee.

My Photography Portfolio

Photography Courses
I am offering half- to full-day workshops to all levels, ranging from basic camera techniques to intermediate levels.
My prefered subject is the landscape though custom tailored courses are possible to organize to specific topics and/or locations.

Post-Processing & Editing Courses
You are already familiar with your camera and shooting techniques but want to learn how to get the most out of your photos?
I will gladly teach you my editing techniques, starting from RAW conversion, global- and local-adjustment, balancing colors to preparing your photos for the web/print.

Contact me and let's start planning.
- David Farkas


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